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Spirit Catchers

Grey Horse on Burgundy  Turquoise Suede  Brown leather  Eagle on sky blue leather  Wolf on Black w/arrowhead



Spirit Wheels   ~   Hand carved leather – original designs – each is handmade


Four Horses - SOLD   Nominal 10 in dia  $95.00  Red Horse with beads ~ SOLD!   Standing Buffalo, rust, nominal 10 in dia  $95.00   Fetish Black Bear nominal 10 in dia

Running Buffalo nominal 10 in Dia $110.00  Green Grizzly Bear with fringe  10 in nominal Dia  $125.00  Blue Star Buffalo $425.00




Medicine Bags





Handcrafted rawhide drums.   Drumsticks can be crafted as well.

Buffalo Drum 9 inch with drumstick  hand made and painted



Other items are also created from leather.  These are examples of other items that are made when the spirit speaks.

Belt 2  SOLD  spur straps tan  Horse Hair Key Fob   Purse and belt  Chochocolate Suede Purse SOLD! Oak Carved Belt Burgundy Spirit Horse Pillow