Smudging Supplies

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Yes!  We have smudging supplies!

Smudging:  Using scent and scented smoke in religious rites is an element common to many religions and cultures, but the details and spiritual meanings vary with the specific cultures and ceremonies.  Many utilize the smoke of botanicals as a method of purification or clearing out of old or negative energy and to bring in positive energy.

Smudging Supplies


We carry white sage, desert sage, sweetgrass, flat cedar,  abalone and quahog shells.


  • White sage is available in small and large bundles and loose     Small White Sage $2.50 each


  • Desert Sage large and small bundles      Desert/Gray Sage Large Bundles $8.50 ea, Small Bundle $2.50 ea
  • Sweetgrass braids      Sweetgrass Braid $8.00 each
  • Flat Cedar now available loose (photos to come soon)


  • Abalone shells Large and small sizes    Small Abalone Shells $3.00 each


  • Quahog shells         Quahog Shells  $5.00 each